Synthesis and Sound Design

Dive into the fascinating world of synthesis and sound design with Ableton Live. Learn industry standard atmosphere and soundscape creation plugins such as Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Serum, Sylenth and the Moog Sub 37.

  • Introduction to Ableton Live's inbuilt instrument plugins such as Analog,Collision,operator,tension and electric
    Using presets and making your own
    Creating a bassline
    Creatingleadlines and melodies
  • Learn synthesis in all analog glory using the MOOG Sub 37
    Advanced LFO/envelope modulating features of ableton using max for live devices
    Learn how to sculpt floor shattering basses using Massive and Serum
    Learn how to make unique atmospheres, soundscapes and pads using Spectrasonic's Omnisphere
    Use the Korg Volca Bass and Keys
    Learn all the features of the MOOG Sub 37 including the DUO Mode,Step sequencer and the Arpeggiator
    Create ripped up leads and top line melodies to maximise your track
  • Learn how to use stutter and Glitch FX
    Make your own FX
    Learn how to build FX racks for more complicated effects to mangle your sound into something monstrous