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Get your tracks professionally mixed by us to give your tracks the finishing edge required to stand apart from the rest.Any Genre is accepted as long as it is complete.Mixes can only be changed once.Any other changes thereafter is chargeable.You can be present in our studio while the mixing process takes place as well.Please contact us for prices as it varies with each genre and we follow certain protocols when it comes projects being sent across to us so it's always better to reach out to us so that we can guide you in sending us all your stems properly.
The importance of a well mastered track in this era of music no matter the genre is well known. With previous 80's Vintage rock and retro records continuously being remastered for the digital age is proof enough.Get your tracks professionally mastered by us at our studio using the state of the art digital mastering tools.Please contact us for the protocol of sending in your tracks for mastering and prices as well. Remember good mastering goes hand in hand with a well mixed track.
We make sure that your Sonic branding is done with the best VO artists and musicians. Contact us for our profile and works
Create the perfect ambience and soundscape for your short films or trailers using our foley and sound design services.
A garage space converted into a sound treated fully air conditioned tight sounding jam space!! Thatís not the end. The jam space is armed to the teeth with a TAMA Drum kit , 100W Marshall Amp 100W Fender Roadhead Amp, 100W Hartke Bass Amp, Shure SM58 mics
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