Mixing & Mastering

Learn the art of Mixing and Mastering in the box using pro plugins such as Izotope Ozone and Neutrino.Learn the techniques of the pros when it comes to maximising the dynamic range of your tracks.

  • Arranging and setting up your tracks for a mixdown and a indepth view of what makes a good room for mixing
    Learn Gain staging and panning to space out your mix
    Learn how to mix your drums
    Learn advanced EQ techniques to shape out each sound of your track
    Learn advanced compression techniques using industry standard plugins to keep key elements of your tracks such as the kick and the bassline always solid.
    Learn how to remove dissonant frequencies from your mix
    Learn how to mix vocals, synths and pads
    Using FX such as reverbs and delays to add depth and wideness to your mixes
  • Optimising your track for mastering
    Room requirements for mastering
    Learn what is chaining and signal flow
    Using the waves SSL series to accurately keep your frequencies and transients in check
    Learn specific EQ techniques for electronic music.
    Learn how to use Izotope Ozone for quick Mastering on the fly
    Learn how to master your DJ mixes.If you are not a Dj then help out a dj buddy of yours with this!
    Learn how to get your tracks sounding full and loud(depending on the genre)
    Get your track to be played on proper club speakers for testing before you take it on the road.