DJ 101

The complete DJ course. Start from the very roots of dance music and DJing by learning this art on the turntables and then educating yourself with the different genre's of music. Learn how to maximize your performance by using the latest Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2.Future proof yourself as a dj learning How to use rekordbox and Traktor Pro.Each student has access to the facility 7 days a week. Our courses also allow for sufficient practice time, and support during and on completion of the same. Get in touch with us TODAY to know more.

  • Introduction to Turntables, Vinyl, CDJ2000NXS2 and setup for equipment in a club
  • Beats bars and phrases timing genre classification file formats
  • learn how to Cue on turntables and CDJ'S
  • Learn how to beat match and tempo match on turntables and CDJ'S
  • Introduction to the Mixer Learn how to mix seamlessly between two or more tracks using faders
  • Mixer -2:-Learn how to use EQ's to crossfade between your mixes
  • FX:-Learn how to use color FX Using FX to switch between tracks
  • Sampling and Looping
  • Genre Mixing:-Learn how to mix Hip-Hop, dubstep, drum and bass, trap and more
  • Rekordbox:-Using Pioneer Rekordbox to optimize your tracks for the NXS2 Making playlists Tagging your tracks for your sets Color coding your tracks to easily diversify your sets
  • Traktor Pro:-Learn how to use native instruments traktor pro