Ableton Live Performance

Learn how to use Ableton as a performance software to maximise your Live setup.From building your own FX racks for unique effects to using the Ableton PUSH 2 and Akai APC40MK2 for triggering sounds, samples, full length tracks and even unique sounding soundscapes.

  • Introduction to Ableton Live
  • Setup and layout
  • Sync MIDI controllers and set up your audio interface
  • I/O capabilities of Ableton Live to let you connect external instruments such as synthesizers, pianos and guitars.
  • Clip view and arrangement view
  • Warping
  • Advanced warping
  • Mixing between multiple decks/tracks
  • Adding external and internal VST'S to perform live
  • Looping on the fly
  • Using basic FX
  • FX racks and advanced chaining of FX
  • Send and return FX
  • Recording your performance into your arrangement view
  • Mastering your mixes
  • Exporting your mix